Dr.(Major) R.S RENGAN M.S., D.N.B..

Senior Consultant Laparoscopic and Obesity Surgeon, Apollo First Med Hospital, Chennai.

Dr (Major) R S Rengan is a National Board certified Senior consultant Laparoscopic surgeon in Apollo FirstMed Hospitals , Chennai . He has performed thousands of gynaecomastia surgeries over the last 20 years.

Gynaecomastia surgery in Chennai

Dr(Major) RS Rengan started Gynaecomastia clinic in Chennai to pay special address to men of all ages. The concept of Gynaecomastia clinic is exclusive in India – A centre devoted to perform male breast surgery in Chennai at the most affordable rates with an intense emphasis on medical ethics. We aim to provide the best results with our intense efforts without compromising on quality, ethics and affordability. Since Gynaecomastia is considered to be a highly conservative & private issue, we assure complete confidentiality & utmost privacy.

The clinic will function from 3 centres:

  • Apollo First Med Hospital
  • Dr Rengan’s Home of Healing Surgical Centre
  • Medway Medical Centre


Dr (Major) RS Rengan is a National Board certified senior consultant& Laparoscopic surgeon at Apollo First Med Hospitals, Chennai. Dr.Rengan has performed over a thousand gynaecomastia surgeries in the last 20 years. He is also a renowned obesity surgeon with adverse experience in Bariatric surgery, intra-gastric balloons and Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck). To know more about Dr Rengan view the About the surgeon section. Gynaecomastia or Male breasts can be a major source of embarrassment for men of all ages. Male breasts usually develop at the time of puberty and can be associated with obesity. Certain medications and endocrine defects can also cause gynaecomastia. To put it simply, gynaecomastia is an inappropriate enlargement of breast tissue among males. In gynaecomastia, either the glandular tissue or the fat is in excess. In most cases it is a combination of both.


  • 58 % – Idiopathic ( no known cause)
  • 32% – persistent pubertal breast
  • 24% – Late onset type due to various causes such as Liver disease, drug induced or old age.

Among the idiopathic group, hormonal changes are often implicated. In obesity, hormonal changes occur in fat cells which can lead to formation of male breasts. Among 75% of the cases related to pubertal gynaecomastia, spontaneous resolution takes place automatically. Therefore surgery is recommended if male breasts persist beyond puberty. Rarely certain genetic disorders are associated with gynaecomastia. The most common drugs implicated in gynaecomastia are anti-hypertensive drugs (verapamil, amlodipine), hair-fall drugsand finasteride, anti-androgen drugs such as Bicalutamide and anti-fungals such as Ketoconazole. However it must be understood that these drugs are potentially lifesaving with minor side effects seen in a rare situation.

It must be noted that CONSUMPTION OF ALCOHOL can lead to gynaecomastia. Presence of phyto-estrogens in alcohol is responsible for gynaecomastia. Alcohol also leads to liver disease which also can lead to gynaecomastia. The only definitive treatment is gynaecomastia surgery in Chennai. For more detailed description about the surgery view About the Surgery section.